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Beyond the Horizon

Momoi Tomoki feels pressured by the social norms and the expectations to fit in and be just a part of the crowd, and it has made him very unsure about what is alright and what isn’t. Who can he be and what can he do? He goes to a pretty good school, does well in school, has a couple of friends, and has a part-time job. But is that all he’s allowed to be?

Will be published on Wattpad every other Wednesday. For early release, subscribe for 1 USD/chapter on Patreon. The date will be announced soon.

Novels & Novellas

All titles in this section are still works in progress and both names and information may change over time.

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is the prequel to The Three Realms, and is a fantasy novel that follows Arrianus Gate’s adventure as he’s promoted from front desk staff of the Royal Ministry to Gatekeeper.

The first draft of The Gatekeeper can be read on Wattpad. Posted irregularly.

The Three Realms

The Three Realms is a fantasy trilogy which starts with the book The Demon Realm. The main character changes in all three books, but they are all related to each other. In the first book we follow a nameless heroine who accidentally enters the demon realm and needs to get back to the human realm as fast as she can, in the second Redell enters the angel realm where she meets God and the angels, and in the final book we follow Merritt in the human realm as he searches for the king.

Work title pending

Set in the same universe as The Three Realms, though many years later, Beyond the Horizon is also a fantasy novel. Lei has grown up in the forest, but the traditions and misunderstanding of his clan forces him to leave the clan. We get to follow the boy as he travels the world.

Marika & Jun

Marika & Jun is a romance story. Marika’s father and grandparents have passed away and Marika was faced with a choice: Either she lives with her aunt, with whom she never have gotten along, or she can move back to Sweden after 12 years of living in Japan to rejoin her mother and 4 brothers. She chooses the latter, and in a very different environment, love starts to bloom.

My Sister is a Mahou Shoujo

This is another fantasy story. The main character Em’s sister turns out to be a magical girl and everyone seemed to be brainwashed into not noticing, but Em doesn’t know what to make out of it.

More writing

The Anny Blog

Jenni writes reviews on books, comics, games and animated show on a regular basis. You can find their review blog, named The Anny Blog due to their nickname, here.


Aside from novels, poetry is also written. A complete collection of all poetry Jenni Chrysong has written so far is being compiled, with Swedish poems being translated to English.