Date decided!

As I wrote in my news post yesterday, I will be publishing a web novel. There will be one chapter every other week, and I’ve decided when it will start!

Next week, on Wednesday, August 28, Episode 1 of Beyond the Horizon will be released on Wattpad.

On Patreon Episode 1 will be released for free and will be publicly visible, while Episode 2 will be a charged post. After that, patrons will continue to be able to read one chapter ahead.

I want to mention (again) that patrons also get a bunch of free material such as drafts, revised drafts, sketches of characters, character information I have no plans on releasing and random information I’ve put together for myself to visually see what I’m trying to write or simply remember things.

Upcoming Web Novel and Patreon Relaunch

I’ve been working on a web novel for the past three weeks and I’m almost at the point where I can start posting the first chapter. Because of that, I decided to update and relaunch my Patreon page. It was launched some time ago, but Patreon had some updates and it was removed from visibility. So, after some work on the about and changing the tiers to just one, it was launched (again) this morning. Awesome!

Skärmavbild 2019-08-19 kl. 08.41.11.png

The web novel is set in Japan with Momoi Tomoki (aka Tomo), a nonbinary 16-year-old (assigned male at birth), as the main character. Tomoki feels pressured by the social norms and the expectations to fit in and be just a part of the crowd, and it has made him very unsure about what is alright and what isn’t. Who can he be and what can he do? He goes to a pretty good school, does well in school, has a couple of friends, and has a part-time job. But is that all he’s allowed to be?

Japan has a strong crowd mentality, unlike in western societies where we often should be an individual, so I felt it was appropriate to use the Japanese culture as a base. I’ve put a lot of time researching the educational system and cultural aspects, but I want to point out the web novel by no means is or strives to be accurate to modern-day Japan.

I think of it as an unmagical story in my fantasy universe, which already is an alternate version of our universe.

You’ll be able to find Beyond the Horizon on Wattpad soon. It’ll be posted every other week on Wednesdays. Patrons get them earlier and get to read the drafts as well. For early access, subscribe for just 1 USD per chapter (2-3 a month).

Unlike previous work, this has specifically been written to be posted in parts online. But like my other work, it can deal with dark themes. Specifically bullying for this work, which can be quite harsh.

Here’s an excerpt (from the first draft):

It wasn’t like he had wanted to change his image, but, apparently, school regulations required the male students to keep their hair shoulder-length at most. He had checked and the piercings were supposed to be alright.

Supposed to.

Despite that, he had been scolded by a teacher for not looking appropriate enough. He put his head against the desk and sighed. His father Momoi Naomichi – also called Shouji – had to come to the school.


Tomo was already conscious of how he looked and acted. He didn’t want to seem weird. Not girly and not gay. But the things he liked weren’t the common things guys usually liked.

Short story coming out later this year!

I’ve written a new short story! I wrote it over 5 days last week and will edit it next month in between writing for Camp Nano. So hopefully it should be up sometime in August on my Wattpad profile! Together with the story I’ll post a piece of art related to it, so I hope you look forward to that as well!

Is there any place online you’d like me to post my stories? I’d love to know!

The Wiki is slowly coming together! I don’t have any kind of schedule for its updates, but update it when I have had time to work through a section in my lore document to fit the Wiki.

The Universe Series Wiki + Art Contributions

I know, I know. I was supposed to release The Demon Realm like 2 and a half months ago. Still nothing! Not even an update!

But I’m not just not doing nothing. I’ve been writing on The Angel Realm and slowly worked through the editing process of The Demon Realm. But my lore document started to get fairly difficult to navigate, so I decided to create a wiki page for the series to make it easier to navigate.

I’ve put up the Timeline of the Universe in more detail on the wiki and plan on adding information about the species before the end of next week.

The plan is that the Wiki page will eventually replace the Works page, but getting that in order will take some time.

Right now there aren’t a lot of… anything… on the wiki, but I’d love to see some art based on whatever you think looks interesting. As the Universe is based on our own universe it largely is the same – which means there would be lots of art from each era in time.

So I’d love to see people who would want to take the opportunity to contribute (to practice or try something new or just have fun with it) with some art. The media doesn’t matter, but the art would be for the in-universe pages, so it should be made with that in mind.

I don’t expect to own any rights to any art, but as all my stories are or will be available for free, I will also not offer any payment. I don’t expect anyone to do it just for exposure, but I want artists to give it a go because they want to.

In case I would like to use your art in some form in any of the illustrated, paid, versions of future books, I would contact you and ask you then if you want to, and I’d offer you an appropriate price for your art, but the rights to the piece remains yours, no matter what.

To contribute:

  • Create a piece based on what you read about the universe at the Universe series wiki.
  • Write a story about the piece. Where was it found? Who created it? From what era is it? Whether it was a piece inherited within some noble family or excavated from a previously undiscovered cave, or if it’s by a Picasso or by unknown doesn’t matter. Just create a story about the piece. And, well, make it believable.
  • Email to jennichrysong [at] with your piece and the story around it. Remember to give me a link to your website, portfolio or other site to link to in the credits of your art!
  • If you have Twitter, mention @jennichrysong and I’ll retweet it

What? An update?!

I know, I need to update you all more.

But I can say that The Demon Realm (very likely) will be out for free on December 30th! Yes. I’m barely making it, but I think I will be getting it out this year!

Can you believe it?

No? I suspected as much.

I wanted to get the illustrated version out too, but I couldn’t find the time to illustrate the book, because you know… Childcare takes up way too much time to be kind to working on books while you have a lot of other things going on.

Those who follow my blog, The Anny Blog, know I’ve tried to post every month, but I have just struggled with that. So the book hasn’t gotten enough time from me.

But as our little one is starting in pre-school, I can put more time into things, and so I will work on my writing. Or more specifically, on the illustrations for my writing.

I hope to release the illustrated edition before the end of the year, so I hope you look forward to that in 2019!

Camp Nano results

So, this is long overdue, but I finished one out of two short stories during Camp NaNoWrimo. I’m currently finishing the second one, before I finish posting The Gatekeeper and then go on to finish working on The Demon Realm for a release this December.

Yes, you read that right! The release will be this December. I will make sure it happens, no matter what. Look forward to it!

But for now, enjoy The Boy Who Could Not Cry which is set in the same universe as The Gatekeeper and The Three Realms.

Camp NaNoWriMo (April 2018)

I will be participating in this April’s Camp NaNoWriMo and I will write short stories that are set in The Universe series, together with The GatekeeperThe Three Realms and Beyond The Horizon. In preparation for this, I decided to make a page about the universe itself. You can find information about the series as a whole with information about the timeline and different species, as well as some (expanding) information about countries, territories and languages if you check it out.

Feel free to ask more about the Universe and The Universe Series, if you’re interested. You can also check out this page to know what I think of work based on my work.

Nanowrimo 2017 and The Universe updates

First I want to apologise for the lack of updates on The Gatekeeper. I didn’t expect it to be so hard to keep the updates coming during pregnancy, although I admit I expected it to be hard once the child was born. And those were the circumstances I didn’t mention before.

I have to look over the missing chapters for typos and word exchanges, and this will take some time to do as I’ve accumulated a lot of them for Patreon, and less for Wattpad. However, if you sign up as a patron on my Patreon today and until I catch up I will send you an unedited copy of The Gatekeeper as an apology for the lack of updates, as I counted on The Gatekeeper being fully published on Patreon before the year changed.

As for The Demon Realm, it will certainly not be released this year either. I don’t even have the sketched second draft ready. However, I do have an unillustrated second draft ready for potential readers. As this book is supposed to be released both free (without illustrations) and as a paid for version (with illustrations), if I gather a group of proofreaders for the second draft even without the illustrations, I might be able to release the book faster. Please do send me a mail if you’re interested in being in that group.

And from The Universe series to Nanowrimo 2017.

I’ve participated a few times before, but never finished a novel during this time. Now I’m on parental leave, so I thought “why not join Nanowrimo?” yesterday. And then I decided to give it a go. The problem is that I don’t have a story in mind.

I have several projects I need to finish, The Demon Realm being perhaps the most urgent. But currently my health won’t allow for illustrating it, and I don’t have much to do the moments between our little one being awake. But that time in between him being awake, I can write. And I want to go into Nanowrimo with something new. I did write part of The Universe series during Nanowrimo, but I don’t know how many words, because I also made edits on older parts and I simply forgot what the word count started as. And I gave up. So I already know working on an existing title during Nanowrimo doesn’t work out for me.

But with no story in mind, I ask you to give me suggestions. You can do so by sending me a mail or a tweet or in any other way contact me. I don’t mind writing outside my usual genre. While I see myself as an aspiring children’s author, I also don’t mind if I get suggestions that work with an older demographic. One has to get out of one’s comfort zone every once in a while. So that’s what I aspire with this Nanowrimo project. If I get anything to write about. I’ll take suggestions until October 31 at 5 pm GMT+1. I’ll use the evening to choose what I’ll write and start writing on Wednesday.

Remember that you also should mail me if you’re interested in proofreading the second draft of The Demon Realm, and let me know if it’s with or without illustration sketches.

Fan art and the like


I was asked about whether it was alright to make fan art earlier today and of course it is! I posted a page for it and I’ll be gladly linking and/or posting your fan art, fiction, songs, poems or whatever other work you may want to make.

My only wish, which I believe is reasonable, is that it’s available for all. As I plan on releasing all my stories for both free and with paid options, I think it would just fair to at least make sure it’s available for all. It would especially sadden me if someone used fan work for commercial use, when my goal with releasing my writing is to share my stories and not to earn a profit.

If you want to make a profit, however, you can always ask what I would be okay with. I will likely judge these things case by case unless I start getting a lot of questions about same kind of thing. If so, I’ll update the fan work page.

You can read the first draft of The Gatekeeper on Patreon (up to chapter 6) or Wattpad (up to chapter 3), and always feel free to contact me. I might be slow at replying or accidentally post a chapter late because I’m expecting to have a child in about 2 months, and if you’re unlucky it comes around a chapter day or I am busy and forgot on the specific day. Please bear with me, I still try to post them when scheduled.

Thanks for taking your time to read my stories.


Due circumstances, it’s possible the release of The Demon Realm will be delayed to late 2018. Life took an unexpected turn for me. However, The Gatekeeper will keep running as planned!

October 30, edit: The Gatekeeper hasn’t been running as planned due to pregnancy and giving birth. Once I get around to it, I will do a batch upload of chapters.