Jenni Brita Chrysong was born in Umeå, Sweden, a late summer evening in 1990. They grew up in a home surrounded by books with their mother and two maternal siblings. When Jenni was 6 years old they got their first diary and it didn’t take long before the child started writing stories of their own, often illustrating them as well. The child never stopped after that.

Jenni has written many stories – both uncompleted and finished – but they have yet to publish anything. However, Jenni is working on getting their first book self-published in 2017. A crowdfunding campaign is also being planned for the physical release.

The reason they started writing stories as a child was due to a genetic condition that causes severe pain and in Jenni it manifested early. It’s become a mission for Jenni to spread their writing to ease the pain – both physical and mental – of people, but also to make them aware of themselves and their surroundings.