Upcoming Web Novel and Patreon Relaunch

I’ve been working on a web novel for the past three weeks and I’m almost at the point where I can start posting the first chapter. Because of that, I decided to update and relaunch my Patreon page. It was launched some time ago, but Patreon had some updates and it was removed from visibility. So, after some work on the about and changing the tiers to just one, it was launched (again) this morning. Awesome!

Skärmavbild 2019-08-19 kl. 08.41.11.png

The web novel is set in Japan with Momoi Tomoki (aka Tomo), a nonbinary 16-year-old (assigned male at birth), as the main character. Tomoki feels pressured by the social norms and the expectations to fit in and be just a part of the crowd, and it has made him very unsure about what is alright and what isn’t. Who can he be and what can he do? He goes to a pretty good school, does well in school, has a couple of friends, and has a part-time job. But is that all he’s allowed to be?

Japan has a strong crowd mentality, unlike in western societies where we often should be an individual, so I felt it was appropriate to use the Japanese culture as a base. I’ve put a lot of time researching the educational system and cultural aspects, but I want to point out the web novel by no means is or strives to be accurate to modern-day Japan.

I think of it as an unmagical story in my fantasy universe, which already is an alternate version of our universe.

You’ll be able to find Beyond the Horizon on Wattpad soon. It’ll be posted every other week on Wednesdays. Patrons get them earlier and get to read the drafts as well. For early access, subscribe for just 1 USD per chapter (2-3 a month).

Unlike previous work, this has specifically been written to be posted in parts online. But like my other work, it can deal with dark themes. Specifically bullying for this work, which can be quite harsh.

Here’s an excerpt (from the first draft):

It wasn’t like he had wanted to change his image, but, apparently, school regulations required the male students to keep their hair shoulder-length at most. He had checked and the piercings were supposed to be alright.

Supposed to.

Despite that, he had been scolded by a teacher for not looking appropriate enough. He put his head against the desk and sighed. His father Momoi Naomichi – also called Shouji – had to come to the school.


Tomo was already conscious of how he looked and acted. He didn’t want to seem weird. Not girly and not gay. But the things he liked weren’t the common things guys usually liked.


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