The Universe Series Wiki + Art Contributions

I know, I know. I was supposed to release The Demon Realm like 2 and a half months ago. Still nothing! Not even an update!

But I’m not just not doing nothing. I’ve been writing on The Angel Realm and slowly worked through the editing process of The Demon Realm. But my lore document started to get fairly difficult to navigate, so I decided to create a wiki page for the series to make it easier to navigate.

I’ve put up the Timeline of the Universe in more detail on the wiki and plan on adding information about the species before the end of next week.

The plan is that the Wiki page will eventually replace the Works page, but getting that in order will take some time.

Right now there aren’t a lot of… anything… on the wiki, but I’d love to see some art based on whatever you think looks interesting. As the Universe is based on our own universe it largely is the same – which means there would be lots of art from each era in time.

So I’d love to see people who would want to take the opportunity to contribute (to practice or try something new or just have fun with it) with some art. The media doesn’t matter, but the art would be for the in-universe pages, so it should be made with that in mind.

I don’t expect to own any rights to any art, but as all my stories are or will be available for free, I will also not offer any payment. I don’t expect anyone to do it just for exposure, but I want artists to give it a go because they want to.

In case I would like to use your art in some form in any of the illustrated, paid, versions of future books, I would contact you and ask you then if you want to, and I’d offer you an appropriate price for your art, but the rights to the piece remains yours, no matter what.

To contribute:

  • Create a piece based on what you read about the universe at the Universe series wiki.
  • Write a story about the piece. Where was it found? Who created it? From what era is it? Whether it was a piece inherited within some noble family or excavated from a previously undiscovered cave, or if it’s by a Picasso or by unknown doesn’t matter. Just create a story about the piece. And, well, make it believable.
  • Email to jennichrysong [at] with your piece and the story around it. Remember to give me a link to your website, portfolio or other site to link to in the credits of your art!
  • If you have Twitter, mention @jennichrysong and I’ll retweet it


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