Nanowrimo 2017 and The Universe updates

First I want to apologise for the lack of updates on The Gatekeeper. I didn’t expect it to be so hard to keep the updates coming during pregnancy, although I admit I expected it to be hard once the child was born. And those were the circumstances I didn’t mention before.

I have to look over the missing chapters for typos and word exchanges, and this will take some time to do as I’ve accumulated a lot of them for Patreon, and less for Wattpad. However, if you sign up as a patron on my Patreon today and until I catch up I will send you an unedited copy of The Gatekeeper as an apology for the lack of updates, as I counted on The Gatekeeper being fully published on Patreon before the year changed.

As for The Demon Realm, it will certainly not be released this year either. I don’t even have the sketched second draft ready. However, I do have an unillustrated second draft ready for potential readers. As this book is supposed to be released both free (without illustrations) and as a paid for version (with illustrations), if I gather a group of proofreaders for the second draft even without the illustrations, I might be able to release the book faster. Please do send me a mail if you’re interested in being in that group.

And from The Universe series to Nanowrimo 2017.

I’ve participated a few times before, but never finished a novel during this time. Now I’m on parental leave, so I thought “why not join Nanowrimo?” yesterday. And then I decided to give it a go. The problem is that I don’t have a story in mind.

I have several projects I need to finish, The Demon Realm being perhaps the most urgent. But currently my health won’t allow for illustrating it, and I don’t have much to do the moments between our little one being awake. But that time in between him being awake, I can write. And I want to go into Nanowrimo with something new. I did write part of The Universe series during Nanowrimo, but I don’t know how many words, because I also made edits on older parts and I simply forgot what the word count started as. And I gave up. So I already know working on an existing title during Nanowrimo doesn’t work out for me.

But with no story in mind, I ask you to give me suggestions. You can do so by sending me a mail or a tweet or in any other way contact me. I don’t mind writing outside my usual genre. While I see myself as an aspiring children’s author, I also don’t mind if I get suggestions that work with an older demographic. One has to get out of one’s comfort zone every once in a while. So that’s what I aspire with this Nanowrimo project. If I get anything to write about. I’ll take suggestions until October 31 at 5 pm GMT+1. I’ll use the evening to choose what I’ll write and start writing on Wednesday.

Remember that you also should mail me if you’re interested in proofreading the second draft of The Demon Realm, and let me know if it’s with or without illustration sketches.


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