Fan art and the like


I was asked about whether it was alright to make fan art earlier today and of course it is! I posted a page for it and I’ll be gladly linking and/or posting your fan art, fiction, songs, poems or whatever other work you may want to make.

My only wish, which I believe is reasonable, is that it’s available for all. As I plan on releasing all my stories for both free and with paid options, I think it would just fair to at least make sure it’s available for all. It would especially sadden me if someone used fan work for commercial use, when my goal with releasing my writing is to share my stories and not to earn a profit.

If you want to make a profit, however, you can always ask what I would be okay with. I will likely judge these things case by case unless I start getting a lot of questions about same kind of thing. If so, I’ll update the fan work page.

You can read the first draft of The Gatekeeper on Patreon (up to chapter 6) or Wattpad (up to chapter 3), and always feel free to contact me. I might be slow at replying or accidentally post a chapter late because I’m expecting to have a child in about 2 months, and if you’re unlucky it comes around a chapter day or I am busy and forgot on the specific day. Please bear with me, I still try to post them when scheduled.

Thanks for taking your time to read my stories.


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